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* Do you wake with neck or back pain?

* Are you a pillowoholic? (sleep with more than 1 pillow) or does your bed look like a war zone in the morning?

* Would you describe yourself as a restless sleeper?

* Do you experience persistent or repeated flares of spinal pain or morning stiffness?

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This 14 Night Sleep Posture Challenge is ideal for you, if, you wake several mornings or more a month with spinal pain and/or stiffness

Pain can get me down and no doubt it affects you also!

After 9 years of researching sleep posture, I have learnt a thing or two about how a poor sleep posture causes PAIN and negatively impacts on:

  1. mental & physical health,
  2. memory,
  3. fertility,
  4. weight gain, and
  5. heart and blood pressure.

In this challenge you will learn;

  1. Why not all sleep postures are equal and why some cause pain
  2. What are the best and worse sleep postures based on current research
  3. To use our tested sleep adaption routine to improve your sleep posture
  4. BONUS 2: What sleep system features (i.e., pillow/mattress/base) are important for a good night of sleep.

Learn the Strategies to Optimise Your Sleep Posture

........and get a better night of quality sleep zzzz

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