Bad Night Sleep? Master Your Sleep Tonight!

The Sleep Mastery Course: Learn how to optimise you and your clients' sleep tonight, so you feel your best tomorrow.

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    “Understanding why I was tossing and turning and then waking most mornings with a sore neck was an eye opener, and so simple to change.”

    Nicole S. (client)

    Esperance, WA

    What you get:

    Online access to evidence based education, patient handouts and tips to help you incorportate sleep education into your clinical practice.

    What is it all about?

    I dream of a good nights sleep! Sleep is critical for health and wellbeing. We all know what it feels like to miss out on sleep for one night, imagine a week or even longer! This course is the result of 30 years as a clinician and undertaking a sleep related PhD for the past 9 years. I want to share this knowledge with clinicians who aspire to assist people not getting enough quality sleep each night. You can read more about our research here.